What our customers say about us

Below you find quotes from some of our customers. How do they experience our cooperation, which value do we bring to them and which problems have we helped them solve?

GNP Energy

Since 2016, the Nordic energy company GNP Energy has been a One Stop Shop customer with Energi Danmark. Through Energi Danmark’s solid expertise within risk management and energy trading across markets, GNP Energy has been able to focus their efforts on the most important aspect: The customers.

Claus Sørensen A/S
(Now Lineage Logistics)

Unlike many PPAs, in which the customer has to enter into a PPA agreement with the producer and have a separate electricity delivery agreement, Claus Sørensen A/S has Energi Danmark as its direct counterparty in this agreement. This means that Energi Danmark manages the entire set-up and takes care of contact with the producer, the electricity supply itself, as well as risk management.





Lundbeck has entered into a PPA with Better Energy. In addition to the agreement, Energi Danmark will ensure that billing is clear and transparent. Lundbeck wanted their PPA to be billed in the same way as an ordinary electricity agreement; clearly and simply. Energi Danmark takes care of this.

Chr. Hansen

Simply put, Energi Danmark solves two challenges for Chr. Hansen associated with traditional PPA agreements; the elimination of price risk and the management of the difference between consumption and production. The PPA agreement means that Chr. Hansen remains the world leader when it comes to sustainability and also ensures budget security.

12 companies join forces to build a new solar park

On behalf of 12 customers, Energi Danmark has signed an agreement which means that Better Energy will build a new solar park. The PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) shows how more companies can pull together and contribute to the green transition.


Egmont is one of the 12 companies that in 2021 pooled their electricity consumption in Energi Danmark’s first PPA Pool. This enabled Egmont to realise their ambition to actively bring new renewable energy to society.