Index | Price guarantee, low risk and profit sharing
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Risk hedging and profit sharing

With an Index agreement, you are guaranteed the market price as your maximum price. If our portfolio managers hedge better than the market average, we will share the profits with you.

It maximizes the value of your contract at low risk.

Energy prices can fluctuate a lot from day to day – yes from hour to hour and minute to minute – and this means both increased risk and more difficult budgeting. Index is a way to reduce your risk.

The strategy is based on:

  • Tailored hedge level for each customer – although with a maximum 100% hedge.
  • Discretionary portfolio management.
  • Active financial trading strategy with option of converting to physical fixed price before delivery.
  • Optimisation on product level: SYSTEM, EPAD, EEX, periods, base, peak.
  • Most exploitation of price fluctuations in the market.

Why choose Index? 

> Low risk:
We take the risk and share the profit 50/50 with you. 

> Market price or better: We hedge your consumption before delivery – always at market price or better. 

> Minimize expenses: We share any profit so you can minimise your costs.   

> Strong track record: We beat the market price by an average of 111% from 2018-2022.






Price guarantee, low risk and profit sharing

We know that the market can sometimes be very complex and difficult to oversee, and that the company’s price risks can cause very large variation in the annual electricity costs. The index agreement eliminates price fluctuations over time and always provides a hedging price at the market average or better.

The benefits of Index

Do you find it time consuming to keep up with the electricity market? And would you like to budget with a fixed price?

Consumption is always covered before delivery – always at the budgeted price or better.

Our portfolio managers spread the risk over a longer period and many purchases, and in recent years, they have on average secured an Index price that is 111% better than the average market price.

We share the profits 50/50 with you. It gives you a fixed low price and the ability to reduce your electricity costs at a low risk.

Maximize the value of your electricity contract:
We spread the risk and share the profits with you

Jan Rigtrup
Jan Rigtrup
Director, Energi Danmark Securities

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