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Energy for businesses

The energy markets are very volatile. This makes risk management essential. Let us find the electricity agreement that fits best to your company. 

Trust us to lead the way!

As a balance responsible party on both the energy consumption and energy production, we know what is going on in the energy markets. As a customer, you therefore have more options than with an ordinary electricity supplier in order to e.g. optimise your earnings and minimise your risks. We also give you more options in terms of playing an active role in the green transition; options that are valuable for both your bottom line and for the environment.

In addition to a wide range of electricity agreements, we also have competencies within oil and gas, invoice service and portfolio management.

Within the Energi Danmark Group, we always focus on value-creating collaboration, and our advice is based on a solid knowledge of the energy markets. We have the full overview of the electricity prices and the elements affecting the prices. In collaboration with you, we can tailor an electricity agreement that matches your company’s needs. 

With strong teamwork across countries and deep knowledge about the local markets, we are a trustworthy partner for you in the Northern European energy markets.

More time to focus on your core business

It takes time constantly to be on top of the energy prices as it is a very volatile market. Our dedicated analysts and portfolio managers do not work with anything else all day. Thus, their knowledge and skills can benefit you and your business. Let us lead the way in the international energy markets and let us solve your energy challenges.

In the Energi Danmark Group, we know the local and international energy markets. We know the possibilities and the risks in order to help your company to choose the electricity agreement that fits best with your specific needs.

For us, it is important that customers receive the risk hedging and product that is best suited to their needs, regardless of whether they have branches in multiple countries or just one. We are happy to go the extra mile for each customer – even if it can be an uphill trek sometimes. Our experiences advisors take the lead, setting the path for each customer in the international energy markets.