Responsible Commerce

In energy trading groups such as the Energi Danmark Group, the primary task is to ensure optimal management of customers’ risks within energy purchases. We help energy consumers and energy producers to exercise active and financially advantageous trading strategies rather than being passive players in the energy market. In this context, we focus on responsible trade with suppliers and partners with emphasis on forced labor, child labor, anti-corruption, responsible procurement, and pollution from the production of power.

Supplier management

Trade with suppliers depends upon mutual trust and respect for good business ethics. The great majority of our purchases are made through energy exchanges in the financial energy market and thus without any direct trade contracts with suppliers. The energy exchange is highly regulated, however, and there are strict require-ments for registering with the exchanges.

In 2019, the Energi Danmark Group developed a Supplier Code of Conduct with a specific focus on human rights, labour rights and anti-corruption, as well as the climate and environment. The guidelines set down in our Code of Conduct are based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for business.

Forced labour and child labour

We do not accept any kind of child labour or forced labour, including slave labour or human trafficking. At the Energi Danmark Group, we have a Human Rights Policy covering forced labour and child labour.




Anti-corruption and fair competition

The Energi Danmark Group wishes to work actively to help fight all forms of corruption. Corruption contradicts the group’s core values and is therefore unacceptable. We expect all employees to use their common sense with respect to the Group’s and society’s interests and that all employees act in accordance with the law, regulations and standards. Likewise, we also wish to work with our suppliers to fight corruption.

In 2018, we developed an anti-corruption policy and committed to incorporating the anti-corruption policy into all relevant business areas. During 2019, this policy was formalised and implemented in all business areas.

In 2019, we established a whistleblower scheme so that employees who experience any unacceptable or illegal conduct in the Group can anonymously report this directly to the Group’s auditor, who will impartially investigate the matter in more detail.  The whistle-blower scheme is accessible via the Intranet with our whistleblower policy and whistleblower investigation procedure, which explains the steps that will be taken when a report is submitted.

The Energi Danmark Group has a policy in place concerning the prevention of market abuse. The policy is compliant with the current EU legislation on insider trading, illegal disclosure of insider information and market manipulation, ‘MAR’, and on integrity and trans-parency in wholesale energy markets, ‘REMIT’. During 2019, this policy was implemented further via an update and formalisation of the Energi Danmark Group’s regu-lations on the prevention of market abuse.