Clear and transparent PPA settlement for Lundbeck
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Energi Danmark ensures clear billing of Lundbeck’s PPA

Lundbeck has entered into a PPA with Better Energy. In addition to the agreement, Energi Danmark will ensure that billing is clear and transparent.

Entering into a PPA can be a complicated process with many decisions and legal clarifications to be made. But in actual fact, PPA billing is also complicated, with a fixed purchase volume and variable consumption, as well as distribution to many metering points. This is much more difficult and confusing than a standard electricity agreement.

Lundbeck wanted their PPA to be billed in the same way as an ordinary electricity agreement; clearly and simply.

Energi Danmark takes care of this.

For Lundbeck, it is important that, in addition to bringing new sustainable energy to society, we are also able to have a clear and simple billing process. We want budget security in our electricity costs and Energi Danmark helps us achieve this. Our billing is exactly like it was before, a fixed price without any unforeseen costs.
Mihaela Raluca Tapu, Category Manager at Lundbeck

There can be several challenges associated with PPA billing.

The spread between the agreed consumption and the actual consumption must be billed correctly, which results in a number of intermediate accounts and statements.

It’s cumbersome and time-consuming.

We make PPA billing simple. As the link between the customer and the electricity producer, we ensure a clear invoice. We make billing under a PPA as easy as an ordinary electricity agreement.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark
We are happy to be able to ensure fixed and manageable billing for Lundbeck. Lundbeck has been an Energi Danmark customer since 2006 and it was important to them to be able to maintain the same simple and transparent billing process with the PPA as before, without any unforeseen expenses. This is something we are seeing an increasing demand for in connection with PPAs.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark

The PPA agreement between Lundbeck and Better Energy, which runs over seven years, means that new renewable energy will be added to the Danish electricity grid. Better Energy is constructing a new photovoltaic plant at Falster with a capacity of 34 MWp, which will be ready at the end of 2021.