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Fixed prices and flexible consumption

Energi Danmark ensures stable and predictable prices and optimizes SamAqua's opportunities in the green transition.

January 13, 2022

For some time, market prices have experienced large fluctuations. Therefore, it was important for Samaqua, an organization owned by a number of utility companies, that their new partner in the electricity market could ensure fixed electricity prices. Fixed prices without Samaqua having to speculate about timing the purchase. They chose Energi Danmark, and a large part of Samaqua’s electricity agreement is based on Energi Danmark’s Index model. The model eliminates speculation and ensures predictable prices. This means that even if electricity prices rise sharply, Samaqua can control its costs.

Another reason for choosing Energi Danmark was Samaqua’s large ambitions in relation to the green transition. Several of the 14 utility companies forming Samaqua have electricity consumption that is flexible or will be flexible in the future.

At Samaqua, we want to act actively in the green transition. With Energi Danmark, we have found a partner who makes it possible to utilize our flexible consumption so that it benefits both our members and the environment.
Mattias Asferg Petterson, Project Manager at Samaqua

Analyzing and preparing the flexible consumption is off to a good start. When electricity prices are very high during certain hours, Samaqua can make its flexible capacity available and receive payment from Energi Danmark. This is possible because Energi Danmark is balance responsible towards Energinet.dk.

The collaboration between Samaqua and Energi Danmark has also meant extra earnings for Samaqua’s members who can issue certificates (GoO’s) from their own production of electricity.

Consumption flexibility is an incredibly important part of the green transition. We are very pleased that Samaqua has chosen to contribute with its flexibility, so that together we ensure a cost-effective and safe integration of renewable energy into the Danish electricity system.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Senior Energy Risk Advisor, Specialist Demand Response at Energi Danmark
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Senior Energy Risk Advisor, Specialist Demand Response at Energi Danmark
Energi Danmark is a partner that has an eye for our entire business. Together, we found an extra earning opportunity for several of our members through issuing certificates,
Mattias Asferg Petterson, Project Manager from Samaqua

Learn more about Index and Flexibility by watching these two videos: 

Mikkel Hauge Jensen
Mikkel Hauge Jensen
Sales Director