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Two strong profiles join Energi Danmark’s Board of Directors

Anne Broeng and Torben Möger Pedersen will become non-executive directors in the energy trading company Energi Danmark, which is owned by the two cooperative societies Andel and NRGi.

November 21, 2023

Energi Danmark is strengthening the foundation for its further development by having Anne Broeng and Torben Möger Pedersen join the Board as non-executive directors.


I am pleased to welcome two highly professional profiles as new members of Energi Danmark’s Board of Directors. Energi Danmark is creating great societal value by transforming our energy system from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and the new directors possess considerable skills which will strengthen the Board’s work in this area,” says Jesper Hjulmand, CEO of Andel and Chairman of Energi Danmark’s Board of Directors.


Torben Möger Pedersen
Having Torben Möger Pedersen on the Board of Directors means that Energi Danmark is teaming up with one of the most capable profiles in the Danish business sector. He has considerable experience of the green transformation, investment and risk management, which constitute the primary focal points of Energi Danmark’s development and expansion in the coming years. Concurrently with his 32 years as CEO of PensionDanmark, he has gained experience from serving as a member and chairman of a number of boards of directors in enterprises and organizations with a strong focus on climate and the green transition.

Energi Danmark carries out a very important social task in a market which, despite normalization, remains somewhat challenging. I look forward to contributing with my experience and financial insight so that Energi Danmark may continue its positive development, for instance through further expansion,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.

Anne Broeng
Anne Broeng also has considerable experience from a vast array of board positions, which will benefit Energi Danmark. She is, for example, chairman of the board of directors of the pension company Velliv and serves on the board of Rambøll, where she is chairman of the Risk and Audit Committee. These are companies and organizations to whom investment, risk management and the green transformation are essential and strategic core areas, as they are to Energi Danmark. Anne has previously served on the board of directors of Danske Commodities, at which she was also chairman of the Risk Committee. As a consequence, she already has direct and deep knowledge of the energy sector and energy trading. Anne has also previously served on the board of Energinet.dk.

The energy industry as a whole plays a huge role in the green transition. And as market leader, Energi Danmark’s customer base accounts for a substantial part of Denmark’s total energy consumption. It places a special responsibility on the company, which I look forward to assuming,” says Anne Broeng.

Energi Danmark’s Board of Directors:

  • Jesper Hjulmand (CEO, Andel) – Chairman
  • Jacob Vittrup (CEO, NRGi) – Deputy Chairman
  • Morten Bryder Pedersen (CFO, NRGi) – Board member
  • Ole Hillebrandt (CFO, Andel) – Board member
  • Anne Broeng – Non-executive director
  • Torben Möger Pedersen – Non-executive director